Okos Smart PIR Motion Sensor (AAA Battery + USB)

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What is it?

PIR stands for Passive Infrared and refers to the sensors ability to passively monitor its surroundings for movement.

The Okos Smart PIR Motion Sensor features 110° out to a maximum range of 7m.

The sensor can send an alert to any smart device whenever motion is detected.

Seamless Integration

The Okos Smart PIR Motion Sensor (AAA Battery + USB) connects automatically to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network without the need for an external hub.

Additionally the sensor connects to the Okos Smart App allowing for notifications to be pushed directly to your iOS/Android device whenever movement is detected.

The Okos PIR Motion Sensor supports dual power input- AAA batteries & Micro-USB charging giving you setup flexibility based on your needs.

Control From Anywhere

The Okos Smart PIR Motion Sensor pairs with a wide range of Okos home security products and pairs with the Okos Smart App

This allows you to monitor and control a variety of devices from anywhere using your iOS/Android smartphone.

In addition the sensor keeps a record of events allowing you to quickly check the history of the sensor.

Wireless and Discreet

The Okos Smart PIR Motion Sensor is completely wireless, featuring hassle-free Wi-Fi connectivity and is powered by 2xAAA Batteries (not included) which provides up to 1 year of battery backup (based on 10 triggers per day) allowing it to be placed in any location.

The sensor’s compact form and easy-to-secure base allow the unit to be discreetly placed without drawing attention to itself.

Easy Installation

The Okos Smart PIR Motion Sensor includes everything you need to set it up in a matter of minutes.

  • The sensor attaches easily to any hard, flat surface or can simply be placed on a table/shelf.
  • The sensor easily connects to Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz) and is easy paired with the Okos Smart App
  • Simply download and open the app on any iOS/Android smartphone and pair with the sensor by following the setup instructions provided in the manual.
  • For installation the product comes with double sided 3m tape and optional screws to install on any wall/ceiling surface with ease.