Okos Smart LED Strip Light 5M

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Endless Possibilities

The Okos Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip features over 16 million colors and shades to choose from. Simply download the Okos Smart App on your iOS/Android device and pair the lightstrip with your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network using the same.

You can now easily adjust the color, brightness, and mood of your room to suit any needs. The light strip can be cut short to reduce length or extended up to 15 meters using the supplied adapters to create the perfect fit for any area of your home.

Control From Anywhere

Using the Okos Smart App you can quickly manage the lights from your phone. The Okos Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip automatically pairs with your 2.4GHz home Wi-Fi network and can pair with other Okos smart home devices. The light strip can also be paired with a variety of Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT voice-enabled devices.

Music Sync

The Okos Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip can be set up to react to your music. Simply play a song of your choice, set the lights to audio control mode, and watch as the lights automatically change is color and intensity to match the rhythm and the melody.

Energy Saving Design

The Okos Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip uses IOT technology to provide bright, vivid light while using up to 60% less energy than standard light strips without sacrificing on functionality. The light strip offers a versatile, energy-efficient alternative to conventional lighting for any occasion.


The Okos Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip comes ready to install straight out of the box. Included are one 5-meter LED light strip, a controller box, one 24-KEY IR remote control, a 12V 5A power adapter, and an instruction manual.