Okos Smart Gas Leak Sensor (w/ Inbuilt Screen)

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Alerts Anywhere

Unlike traditional smoke detectors, the Okos Smart Smoke Detector alerts you to potential dangers no matter where you are.

Simply install the Okos Smart App on any iOS/Android device and it will automatically push notifications directly to your device if anything happens.

Accurate and Reliable

The Okos Smart Smoke Detector features state-of-the-art photoelectric and thermal sensors to quickly and reliably detect smoke or heat, even from small, smoldering fires to ensure prompt warnings while minimizing false positives.

Long-Term Dependability

The Okos Smart Smoke Detector includes two lithium CR2 3V batteries which provide up to five years of continuous standby protection. That’s two years of battery life even if the alarm is triggered eight times every day.

Simple Installation

The Okos Smart Smoke Detector requires no rewiring and no tools. Simply remove the adhesive sticker from the back and firmly press the unit against any hard, flat surface to ensure a long-lasting, stable bond.