Okos Smart Door Sensor (AAA Battery)

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Cover Every Entrance

The Okos Smart Door Sensor (AAA Battery) is designed to passively monitor any entrance into your property by easily attaching to any door or window.

The sensor easily connects to your home Wi-Fi and in the event that the door or window is opened the alarm will instantly alert you on the Okos Smart App.

Whole-House Integration

The Okos Smart Door/Window Sensor seamlessly connects to a wide variety of Okos’ other smart home devices. This allows for highly customizable settings.

For example, instruct the lights to turn on when a door is opened, turn off the A/C when a window is opened, or simply trigger an alarm.

Completely Wireless

The Okos Smart Door/Window Sensor is completely wireless and connects to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Additionally the sensor is powered by 2xAAA batteries featuring up to 2 years of standby time and 8-12 Months of use (Considering 5 time sensor trigger per day and ideal Wi-Fi Signal strength conditions*), ensuring continued peace of mind.

Fits Anywhere

The Okos Smart Door/Window Sensor features two parts – a sensor and a magnet.

The small, unobtrusive design can be quickly and easily attached to any door, window, drawer, cabinet, etc.

This allows for a highly customized set of features to be applied to your home with nearly no setup required.

Simple Installation

The Okos Smart Door/Window Sensor contains everything you need to quickly get started.

  • Simply attach the sensor unit to the frame of any door or window and attach the magnet to the door or window immediately adjacent to the sensor.
  • Upon activation the sensor can easily be paired to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Simply download and open the Okos Smart app on your iOS/Android smartphone and pair easily with the sensor allowing for instant notifications.