Okos Smart Siren Alarm

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Multi-Sensor Alarm

The Okos Smart Siren Alarm features built-in temperature and humidity sensors. Using the Okos Smart App you can easily set the temperature and humidity range and the sensor will continuously monitor the environment and trigger an alarm if either one moves outside range.

The alarm can trigger both sound and flashing lights. The alarm works even if the connected Wi-Fi network is down.

Smart Alarm

The Okos Smart Siren Alarm connects to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Download the Okos Smart App to instantly pair and connect the alarm to your iOS/Android smartphone.

Through the app you can easily monitor the temperature and humidity of your property as well as adjust the alarm settings.

The Alarm can easily be paired with other Okos Smart devices suck as the Okos Smart Door Sensor, motion sensor, and/or smoke sensor to create scenes to secure your house when you are not around. Out of town for a few days? Simply, activate the Okos door sensors & Okos motion sensors to activate the Okos Smart alarm if motion is detected in your absence.

Custom Alarms

The Okos Smart Siren Alarm is highly configurable. Alarm options include voice prompts, strobing lights, and 18 unique alarm tones. The alarm is capable of producing tones at a volume of up to 100 dB.

Dual Power Supply

The Okos Smart Siren Alarm features a USB-A port and cable (included) for universal power access. In addition, the alarm also features a battery backup (not included).

Keep your property safe even if the power goes out. (Please note that the alarm requires an active connection to a 1-amp power adapter.)

Easy Setup

The Okos Smart Siren Alarm easily attaches to any hard, flat surface, or rests safely on a shelf.

It features an easy setup process to connect to Wi-Fi using the Okos Smart App installed on your iOS/Android smartphone.