Okos Home Security Camera 360°

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Provides Total Coverage

The Okos Home Security Camera features a full-HD 1080p camera providing a crystal clear live video feed. The 355° pan / 100° tilt movement ensures complete 360° coverage of any area.

Using the Okos Smart App you can control the camera directly from your phone, anywhere in the world. In addition, the Okos Home Security Camera features infrared (IR) night-vision capabilities, providing a clear view in any conditions.

More Than Just A Camera

Guests arrive early? Pet home alone? The Okos Home Security Camera comes equipped with full two-way audio support. Built-in speakers and microphone guarantee pitch-perfect audio on both ends.

Using the Okos Smart App you can not only watch, but actually talk to, anyone on the other end -- in real time -- directly from your phone.

24-Hour Peace of Mind

Get alerts about your property – no matter when or where. Using the Okos Smart App it is possible to receive notifications directly to your iOS/Android phone whenever the camera detects movement allowing you to view a live feed straight from your phone.

This, combined with the Okos Home Security Camera’s 360° view and infrared (IR) night-vision provides you with full coverage – day or night.

Smart Security

The Okos Home Security Camera supports integration with all iOS/Android devices as well as several Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT enabled home devices. This allows you to fully integrate your home security into the rest of your smart home devices.

The camera features motion tracking capabilities, automatically following any movement.

The Camera allows for both microSD storage (up to 128 GB) as well as direct cloud storage (optional), providing instant digital backups of any activity. The Camera supports multiple devices and accounts, allowing for easy sharing.

Easy Installation

The Okos Home Security Camera can be installed with just three easy steps.

It easily and securely attaches to any flat surface at any angle.

Simply plug the camera in to any external power source and it will automatically turn on.

The camera easily connects to any 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Simply download and open the Okos Smart App and your device will automatically connect to the camera for instant streaming.