Okos Fan Module 10A (Wi-Fi)

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How Does It Work?

The Okos Fan Module 10A can be wired-in to virtually any Ceiling Fan by installing it inside any switch board, thereby allowing it to be easily controlled through your iOS/Android smartphone using the Okos Smart App and leaving your manual wall Regulator switches functional as well.

This allows you to turn the Fan on or off at the touch of a button.

Universally Compatible

The Okos Fan Module 10A is virtually universal in its design. It can be easily wired-in to nearly any Ceiling Fan.

It supports voltages from 110v-250v at 50/60Hz with a max current of 10A. The Okos Fan Module 10A can be instantly paired to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Limitless Uses

The Okos Fan Module 10A can be used either manually or set to a timer allowing you to have your Fans turned on before you even walk in the door.

Using the Okos Smart App you can receive notifications on the status of your devices directly on your phone.

Total Control

The Okos Fan Module 10A seamlessly connects to the whole range of Okos smart home devices allowing you to customize smart scenes in your home, such as turning on the bedroom lights when the door is opened.

Control any appliance or light in your home with just your voice using your Amazon or Google or IFTTT voice-enabled device.


The Okos Fan Module 10A does not override any existing switches that you may have.

You can still turn on your Fan speed using the traditional switch. In addition, you have control from your phone or at a single voice command.

Simple Installation

The Okos Fan Module 10A can be easily installed into any traditional switchboard.

The live and neutral wires coming from your electrical supply easily fit into the L & N sockets on the module.

Likewise, run the wiring of your lights through the Smart Switch module before running it to your wall switch. This allows for the option of controlling your lights either through the manual switch, or using the Okos Smart App.